Inside the Dunbar Fire Department

The Dunbar Fire Department proudly protects approximately 13,000 people living in a response area of 6 square miles. This area includes the entire city of Dunbar, and parts of Big Tyler Rd., W. Washington Street and Woodrums Lane areas. Our department is staffed with trained personnel 24/7/365 who are paid professionals and ready to help.

Our firefighters are all trained to the level required by the state of West Virginia and the NFPA. Firefighters are also required to complete a three year apprenticeship program to retain their job. This program covers many different aspects of the fire service and is widely used throughout the state. All shift firefighters are also required to be Emergency Medical Technicians, as we provide basic life support services in our area commonly known as (first responder services). Our training is ever changing and must be updated accordingly to remain current on the safest and most efficient methods of doing our jobs. There are many other classes that some of our personnel have pursued such as Fire Instructor, Arson Investigator and we currently have five Hazardous Materials Technicians.

The Dunbar Fire Department provides and receives automatic mutual aid to and from our surrounding departments for certain fire and rescue responses. This is not uncommon as the fire service is experiencing higher call volumes and sometimes multiple calls at once. We operate from 2 locations or stations that protect a mix of commercial and residential occupancy, both of which are located within the city limits.

Station # 1

Station 1

Located on Dunbar Avenue, it serves as our central fire station that includes offices of Chief and Deputy Chief, living quarters for the 24 hour staff and training facilities. This station also serves as an EMS ambulance station for Kanawha County.

Station # 2

Station 2

Located on Roxalana Road as a two bay fire station, that is first due to the North side of the tracks and areas outside our city limits. It includes only living quarters for the 24 hour staff.

Personnel Section

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Fire Chief

Fire Chief - Chris Thornhill

A-Shift 24 Hour

Jason Burger - Deputy Chief

- Shift Commander

- Captain

Josh Bowers - Lieutenant

Chuck Carney - Firefighter

B-Shift 24 Hour

Zac McGinnis - Shift Commander

- Captain

TW Hindman - Lieutenant

Chris Burger - Firefighter

Hank Cobb - Firefighter

Cody Rice - Firefighter

C-Shift 24 Hour

Billy James - Shift Commander

- Captain

Kevin Pickens - Lieutenant

Bobby Burnside - Firefighter

Jordan Kinser - Firefighter