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Welcome to the Dunbar Fire Dept.

The Dunbar Fire Department provides primary emergency services to the entire City of Dunbar and some areas of Tyler Mountain. The Dunbar Fire Department is staffed with paid personnel 24/7 who are trained and ready to serve day or night. It is our goal to provide our citizens with the best possible fire, rescue and emergency medical service available. Please feel free to contact us if you need fire/rescue information or just have questions about our department. Be safe!

Emergency Planning...

We believe that pre-incident planning is an essential part of providing efficient emergency services to our city. We have addressed this in many ways that include: Pre-Planning fire department response to businesses. Implementing the Life-Safe program. Handing out hundreds of smoke detectors. Performing annual fire prevention at our schools. Established a Hazardous Materials response team. Created computer based GPS maps of the city. The fire department apparatus and equipment play a large roll in planning for emergencies. Trucks and equipment are checked daily for proper operation and efficiency. We are constantly upgrading to new equipment technologies that make our job safer and improve our performance level. To learn more, visit the about us section.

Outdoor Burning...

Outdoor burning can be very dangerous if the wrong conditions are present. We do allow burning during certain times and you MUST call us for a burn permit. To clarify what is legal to burn, here is a list of the items we allow you to burn: Natural vegetation - leaves, brush, tree limbs, etc.. Absolutely Nothing Else, Period! For more information on burning laws and outdoor burning times, please visit the WV State Division of Forestry website. Current burn times are 5:00 PM to 7:00 AM